The Little Lake Seniors Community will be a multifaceted development offering state of the art living options for mature adults with a focus on healthy active lifestyle. Overlooking Little Lake in Barrie, Ontario, and walking distance to Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre, the completed development will feature independent living with both ownership and rental opportunities.

Part of the community will also offer graduated levels of assisted living. For those with special and changing health needs, care and supervision can be provided on a flexible, individualized basis.

Little Lake Seniors Community features an extensive Regional Community Health Centre and Professional building with comprehensive medical services for the residents of the community and surrounding area, including Family Doctors, Specialists, Minor Surgery, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Physiotherapy, Optometry, Radiology, Geriatric Clinics, Health and Wellness Clinic, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, etc.  An excellent working relationship with with the local hospital will further enhance medical and rehabilitation services, providing unparalleled multidisciplinary health care with a patient-centered team approach.


 The following is a list of practitioners that are currently in the building:

Georgian Radiology, 705-722-8036

Cannabinoid Medical Clinic 866-282-7763

Little Lake Pharmacy, 705-881-9807

Little Lake Family Eye Care, 705-503-3937

Motion Specialties, 705-719-1001

Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Electrodiagnosis, 705-726-7427

Saint Elizabeth Medical Services (Family Practice) and AVIVA Specialists, 705-881-9810

Family Practice: Dr. Cochrane, Dr. Comstock, Dr. Fulton, Dr. Moss, Dr. Singh,  Dr. Tessaro

Rheumatology: Dr. Borowoy

Dr. Margel, 705-503-4146

Life Labs, 877-849-3637

Partners in Advanced Cardiac Evaluation (PACE), 705-721-4422

Aging Well – 705-725-9529

Helix Hearing, 705-721-9935

ENT Associates, 705-726-6900

Altum Health – University Health Network (Rehabilitation), 705-726-1113

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